Executive Chef Chris Ferrell

Executive Chef Chris Ferrell

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Executive Chef Chris Ferrell


Executive Chef Chris Ferrell, of Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-b-que has 25 years of culinary experience. Chris started cooking and fell in love with food starting at an early age, working in his family’s restaurant. At the age of 19, he moved to San Francisco to further his culinary career, and got his first taste of high volume BBQ experience working for several years at MacArthur Park Restaurant, a pit BBQ concept with a regional American flair.

Chris’ next culinary destination was the California Cafe in Corte Madera and San Jose, California.

Next, he became Executive Chef for Engine Company 28, an historic landmark restaurant concept in downtown Los Angeles and an American bistro style restaurant. While working for Engine Company, Chris was recruited by the Cheesecake Factory and moved to Marina Del Ray, then to the Woodland Hills location—all very high volume locations.

Chris opened the Baltimore, Maryland and Westbury, Long Island, NY locations. After a three-year tour, Chris returned to Southern California to work at the Brentwood Cheesecake Factory. He was approached by Craig Hofman and began discussions and ideation for a new authentic Southern style Bar-b-que concept.

After decided to take yet another leap of faith, Chris began the development of the Lucille’s menu, and was ecstatic to not only partner with Hofman, but to pursue what had always been his hobby—REAL BBQ!

Chris’ passion had always been the primal mouthwatering flavors that can only happen from the true low and slow Bar-b-que techniques. Chris spent a full year developing all of the signature sauces and recipes for Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ. Lucille’s first location opened in the Long Beach town center in the Fall of ’99, and it has been non-stop BBQ since the doors opened.

Chris’ current responsibilities include all menu development, culinary operations, purchasing ($80 million in food sales last year), new location openings, kitchen management development, development of training programs, marketing, and brand development.

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