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Farmers Market Fresh


One of the most delightful foodie experiences is a field trip to the local farmers market. It’s a pleasure to connect with area farmers who are feeding the people in your local community. The farmers are always helpful and friendly. Frankly, they just love to talk about the fruits or veggies they’re growing, or the livestock they’re raising.

For many of us, a Saturday morning stop at the farmers market is a fun summer ritual—and what’s even better: enjoying those fresh goodies for dinner that very evening.

This summer, The Food Channel will be making regular visits to our local farmers market, picking out fresh foods and using them in recipes, which we’ll feature regularly in this space. Check back often to see what’s new.

This week’s featured recipes: Beet Salad with Gorgonzola Cheese and Pickled Beets with Eggs.

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Farmers, friends and neighbors

On a stroll through the market, you’re likely to see friends and neighbors queuing up to get the fresh crop of vine-ripened tomatoes or sweet corn—better get there early, the cream of the crop gets cherry-picked in a hurry. And the farmers and growers often become friends, too, or at least acquaintances who’ve come to know your face, if not your name. They clearly enjoy asking about how you liked last week’s turnip greens or how you used those fresh herbs you bought the other day. They’re more than happy to offer advice about those things, as well.

We’ve noticed that more and more of the growers tout the fact that they use no pesticides with their produce, or that their meats contain no hormones or antibiotics. A trip to the farmers market has become a mostly organic experience it seems.

There are more than just fruits and vegetables at the market, of course. You’ll find meats and baked goods, cheeses, fresh picked flowers, and much more. On a given day, you might find handmade jewelry, homemade ice cream, yard ornaments or maybe a scratching post or cat condo to bring home to your feline friend. It’s a bit of an adventure, and you’re never quite sure what treasures might be found in those stalls.

Here’s hoping you have a great farmers market in your neck of the woods this summer…and happy marketing to you.


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