Farmers Markets Hit the Road Rolling

Farmers Markets Hit the Road Rolling

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Farmers Markets Hit the Road Rolling


By Cari Martens

Here’s a case of the food truck trend intersecting with the growing popularity of farmers markets and the ‘eating local’ movement. Mobile farmers markets are now wheeling around in several U.S. cities, bringing fresh organic produce to city streets and neighborhoods. Reconfigured and repainted buses, trucks and RV’s bring the harvest home, making it easier than ever to enjoy fresh picked fruits and veggies from area farms. We discovered several on the website

Farm to Family is one such mobile farmers market that’s currently roaming the streets of central Virginia. Its slogan tells a story about their business credo: ‘Feeding the community one stop at a time.’ As Mark Lilly (pictured, right) says in his Farm to Family website statement, ‘People from all social economic backgrounds should have access to local healthy food choices, most importantly from the many small farms here in Virginia.’ Lilly talks about connections—about connecting local farms with communities and re-establishing the personal relationships between people and locally grown food.

Lilly encourages citizens to grow their own food and to teach others to do so. He stresses the importance of supporting the small farms before they become obsolete.

Like the food trucks that have sprung up in the last few years, Farm to Family tweets its whereabouts and schedule on Twitter, with updates on Facebook and the website.

The Buffalo Grown Mobile Marketplace of Massachusetts is another rolling farmers market that’s thriving. It sold about 2,000 pounds of local organic food to Buffalo’s West Side residents last year.

Holton Farms of Vermont cruises its ice cream truck-style vehicle into New York City on a regular schedule, offering a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription program, and delivering fresh foods to drop-off sites throughout the big city.

“Duke University”: operates a mobile farmers market in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, offering fish, meat and flowers, in addition to the traditional summer vegetables, from April through September. As with Holton Farms, participants sign up and prepay for one or more shares directly with the local farmer.

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