Flavored Skewers Make Marinating Easy

Flavored Skewers Make Marinating Easy

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Flavored Skewers Make Marinating Easy


By Cari Martens

I don’t know about you, but I never seem to have the time or think far enough ahead to do as much marinating as I’d like to. But we recently came across a new product that resolves this dilemma.

It’s a grilling product with the rather clever name Bar-B Skews. We discovered them on the Australian website onfood.com.au.

Bar-B-Skews are a natural way of marinating meats from the inside out. You use them as you would any skewers to create ka-bobs. But these babies impart flavors to the meat, seafood, vegetables or whatever you’ve skewered.

The infused wooden skewers are the result of a collaboration between food innovator Vic Cherikoff of Vic Cherikoff Food Services and brand strategist/designer David Keslake. They come in such varieties as Hot Chili, Crushed Garlic, Thai Basil, Fresh Coconut and Rainforest Lime.

Bar-B Skews are heat-activated. ‘It is actually difficult, if not impossible, to get a similar result from a liquid marinade,’ says Cherikoff. Plus, he adds, ‘Most marinades contain some sugars and oil and are therefore prone to charring.’

By comparison, Bar-B Skews are near zero fat, according to Cherikoff, and deliver a really clean, all natural flavor. They can be ordered online at www.cherikoff.net/shop. cherikoff.net/shop.

Closer to home (well, my home, anyway), Callisons Fine Foods makes a similar product called Seasoned Skewers, available in such flavors as Citrus Rosemary, Garlic Herb, Honey Bourbon, and Indian Mango Curry. We found these at TheNibble.com.

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