Food Channel to Provide On-Site Coverage of COEX 2010

Food Channel to Provide On-Site Coverage of COEX 2010

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Food Channel to Provide On-Site Coverage of COEX 2010


The Food Channel is excited to announce a new alliance with IFMA, the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association. One of the first actions resulting from the partnership will be The Food Channel’s wall-to-wall coverage of COEX 2010, the Chain Operators Exchange event sponsored by IFMA and held at the JW Marriott Orlando-Grande Lakes in Orlando, Fla.

Kay Logsdon, editor of The Food Channel, is among the presenters scheduled to speak at the conference, which runs from February 28 through March 3. This year’s event theme is “Menu, Value and Innovation: Consumers Rule!”

On-site at COEX, The Food Channel team will videotape, report, blog, tweet and file stories highlighting new food trends, COEX presentations and other event news. This live coverage will be accessible through The Food Channel and IFMA Web sites, enabling conference attendees to review COEX highlights in real time while still enjoying the on-site benefits of customer networking and relationship building.

On the COEX agenda are such key industry issues as managing margins in a difficult environment, menu innovation with a value approach, and nutrition and menu labeling.

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Follow all the live action at COEX at or at

Event Coverage Sponsored by IFMA

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