Four Fab Cocktails for a Festive Tourney TV Party

Four Fab Cocktails for a Festive Tourney TV Party

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Four Fab Cocktails for a Festive Tourney TV Party


Your basketball tournament bracket’s totally busted, but who cares? The games are still going to be a blast to watch this weekend. Here’s a fabulous foursome of cocktails that will add a festive touch to your Final Four watch party, courtesy of 1800 Tequila and Three-Olives Vodka.

Each of the four cocktails was concocted in honor of one of the surviving four teams which will be battling it out on the hardwood this weekend—and each cocktail creation sports its team’s colors.

The Spartan Splash is made with melon liqueur and grape vodka, and comes out an awesome shade of green.

The Butlerita is a new version of the Margarita with all the spunk of the upstart Bulldogs from Butler University who are the virtual “home team” this weekend in Indianapolis.

The WV Iced Tea is golden like the Mountaineers of West Virginia, and packs a potent foursome of its own: a mix of tequila, vodka, rum and gin. Whoa, baby.

And the Blue Devil-Tini, created as an homage to the only #1-seeded team left standing in the Large Dance. It will NOT leave you feeling blue.

So whether you’re rooting for the Michigan State Spartans, the Blue Devils of Duke, the Butler Bulldogs, or the West Virginia Mountaineers, there’s a cocktail here for you.

Click the names below to view the cocktail recipes:

The Butlerita

WV Iced Tea

Blue Devil-Tini

Spartan Splash


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