Funny Commercial for Bacon Mayo

Funny Commercial for Bacon Mayo

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Funny Commercial for Bacon Mayo


We’ve had fun over the last couple years reporting on the sometimes crazy antics and equally nutty products produced by J&D’s Foods, better known as the makers of all things bacon.

For company founders, Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, it all started with Bacon Salt, the zero calorie, vegetarian, Kosher-certified seasoning salt that “makes everything taste like bacon”–which is the embodiment of the company’s credo that everything should taste like bacon.

Next came Baconnaise, the spreadable, bacon-flavored mayonnaise, available in regular and lite versions. The mayo has been mentioned by The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart on more than one occasion, in a kind of “only in America” attitude—and was even featured in an interview on “Oprah.”

Then came a flurry of bizarre products including bacon-flavored lip balm and mmmvelopes—envelopes that let you lick bacon-flavored adhesive to seal your letters.

Well, now we are thrilled to unveil the company’s first TV commercial for Baconnaise…because, well, it’s pretty funny. And sort of…sexy. In a wacky bacon-y kind of way.



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