Girl Scout Cookies Make Great Recipe Ingredient

Girl Scout Cookies Make Great Recipe Ingredient

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Girl Scout Cookies Make Great Recipe Ingredient


By Cari Martens

Yes, it’s Girl Scout Cookie time again (at least in many parts of the USA). Now you may think of these baked goodies mainly as a sweet snack or dessert—and as a tasty way to point young girls in the direction of free enterprise and future business leadership. And they are all that.

But did you realize Girl Scout cookies have become an integral ingredient in a growing number of recipes, both sweet and savory? Sure, they’re great crunched up into vanilla ice cream (Thin Mints, yum!), but we’re talking here about dishes a bit more creative.

How about Peanut Thai Chicken made with Do-Si-Dos? Or Fried Samoas Shrimp, which calls for (duh!) Samoas cookies. You can find both of these recipes and more in a recent story from the Philadelphia Daily News.

The web is actually stacked with recipes calling for GS cookies as a key ingredient. Here are just a few of them—

Western Washington Girl Scout Cookie Recipes
Girl Scouts of Central Texas Cookie Recipes
Kentuckiana Girl Scout Cookie Recipes
Recipes for Leftover Girl Scout Cookies

And just to leave you with a smile, here’s a musical home video sales pitch from Girl Scout Laura Frost, from Springfield, Mo. Dispensing with the Girl Scout uniform, Laura goes for the glam look.

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