Gulf Coast Snoballs Offer Fresh Flavors Mixed With Comeback Spirit

Gulf Coast Snoballs Offer Fresh Flavors Mixed With Comeback Spirit

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Gulf Coast Snoballs Offer Fresh Flavors Mixed With Comeback Spirit



When it comes to innovation, the people of New Orleans may be leading the pack. Perhaps it’s because after crisis, you gain a new appreciation for the best things in life, like great flavors!

And so New Orleans has take a rite of summer—eating frozen desserts outside—to a new level, with its shaved ice treats that use real fruit in flavors found prominently in the Gulf Coast. For example, there is Beaucoup Juice, billed as New Orleans’ first fresh juice bar, smoothie, and snoball shop.

This shop offers an assortment of local and exotic flavors, like a smoothie called “The Tipitina” (the local), made with Ponchatoula Strawberries, Farmers Market Peaches, Louisiana Oranges, Banana, Local Honey, and Soy Milk. Or, the snoball with local flavors such as watermelon, chocolate milk, blueberry, and more. You can even go for the exotic, choosing guanabana, passion fruit, mango chili, pineapple mint, and green tea honey. These use fresh juices and are a far cry from the old flavored and brightly colored waters.

Or join the efforts to save the marshes and swamps of Louisiana’s coast by buying a Sno-Bliz from Hansen’s. They come in varieties like the green Swampitoulas, the root beer cream called the Brown Pelican, and the fitting tribute called LimeAid.

And, of the trio featured recently in the New York Times,
try Plum Street Snoball (pictured), billed as one of the oldest stands in the city—located in Uptown New Orleans since 1945. Their website says, “If you are looking for a little New Orleans flavor and want to experience what this New Orleans tradition is all about, stop by and we’ll set you up with one of these tasty treats.’

Tradition hasn’t died in the Gulf—in fact, it’s showing and amazing resilience.

Snoball fight, anyone?

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