How 'Bout a Pickle Juice Shooter to Chase Down that Whiskey?

How 'Bout a Pickle Juice Shooter to Chase Down that Whiskey?

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How 'Bout a Pickle Juice Shooter to Chase Down that Whiskey?


By Cari Martens

The briny, salty juice you find in a barrel of pickled cucumbers has gained cult status as the newest, coolest chaser in bars and taverns in New York City.

But, evidently, you can’t just use any pickle juice. The bartenders say you can’t use the stuff from a jar of run-of-the-mill dills. The juice has to be homemade or sourced from a gourmet supplier like McClure’s, based in Brooklyn.

One place, the Breslin, in New York’s Ace Hotel, which makes its own pickles, has been offering plates of free pickles to customers, just so they have enough pickle juice to keep the bar stocked. The juice is most commonly used as a chaser for whiskeys, such as Jameson. ‘If anyone orders Jameson, I’ll usually throw in a pickle back,’ Breslin bartender T.J. Lynch told Justin Rocket Silverman of the New York Post.

Other joints pouring the greenish juice include Brooklyn’s Bushwick Country Club, which claims to be the first in the five boroughs to offer pickle juice at the bar, according to Silverman’s Post article. McClure’s used to store its pickle stock in the basement of the bar, so the Bushwick’s claim to have started the trend may well be true. Another bar flowing along with the pickle juice trend is Death & Company, an East Village cocktail lounge. D&D bartender, Jason Littrell, says he has customers coming in specifically to drink pickle backs.

We’re not sure how well this trend will play in central Illinois, but ‘Peoria Pickle Back’ has a nice ring to it.

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