How to Gild a Pear

How to Gild a Pear

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How to Gild a Pear


Inexpensive gold leaf kits, widely available in craft stores, offer a fun way to add drama to the table. We gilded fresh pears with gold leaf, but any firm fleshed fruit such as citrus fruit, pomegranates or apples can also be gilded.

Remember, this technique is for decorative purposes only and should not be confused with incredibly expensive 24 karat edible gold—best saved as a small but dramatic garnish for your most impressive desserts such as a chocolate ganache cake. In other words, DO NOT EAT these pears after gilding. (But you probably figured that out.)

Apply a thin coat of metal leaf adhesive size in a random pattern on pears; let dry until tacky- about 30 to 60 minutes.
Tear metal leaf sheets into small pieces; lightly press onto pears.
Burnish gold leaf with brush or fingertips until buffed; removing excess flakes of gold leaf.
Step back and admire the beauty of your handywork.
Use as a centerpiece or with individual place settings. Simple and spectacular.  


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