KFC Introducing Greener Containers

KFC Introducing Greener Containers

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KFC Introducing Greener Containers


If you’re one of those people who like to save the margarine tubs and mayonnaise jars for use as leftover containers, you now have a new source for these things. Your local KFC restaurant.

The chicken chain is introducing what’s believed to be the fast food industry’s first consumer-reusable food container and it’s getting some notable attention. The container was recently honored as a winner in the 2010 Greener Package Awards.

The containers were first introduced in five markets this spring, and plans call for them to be available at KFC locations nationwide by early 2011.

The introduction of the container is just one element of a larger packaging initiative the country’s largest chicken restaurant chain is undertaking. Paper serving boxes are also replacing plastic plates as part of KFC’s plan to reduce its use of nonrenewable resources and to eventually eliminate foam packaging from its restaurants.

The award-winning side container features a clear bowl with a red lid embossed with a “reusable” message, as well as a reminder that the container is both microwaveable and top rack dishwasher safe.  Not as visible, but equally important is a patented “ventless vent” technology that enhances product quality by allowing moisture to escape without the need for a hole in the lid. The result is a leak-resistant lid that provides a secure fit and keeps food fresh. The combination of features impressed the judges who bestowed the Greener Package Award on KFC.

For more information on KFC packaging, you may visit www.kfc.com/packaging.

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