Making "Chocolate Shell-Shock" Ice Cream Sundae

Making "Chocolate Shell-Shock" Ice Cream Sundae

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Making "Chocolate Shell-Shock" Ice Cream Sundae


This dessert looks and tastes amazing. Watch and see how easy it is to make this stunning and decadent dessert.

(For complete ingredients and preparation directions, please refer to the recipe).

Chef Dennis has his Smucker’s® Magic Shell® and he’s ready to get started. He suggests using latex or plastic gloves to keep hands clean and prevent fingerprints on the hardened shell.

Because Dennis is preparing a larger quantity of sundaes, he’s using a container to dunk the goblets into the Magic Shell. For a small quantity, you can simply drizzle it onto the glass to achieve the desired coating. After coating, be sure to get the goblets into the freezer quickly so the shell can harden. Place goblets on a plate or cookie sheet lined with waxed paper.

The shell should be hardened and evenly coated after about 10 or 15 minutes in the freezer. After removing from freezer, slide a thin spatula or knife under the base of the goblet to release it from the waxed paper.

Now add a scoop or two of vanilla (or your favorite) ice cream.

Drizzle a little more Magic Shell over the ice cream.

Add some whipped cream.

And top off with some nut crumbles and a cherry.

Your family will be shell-shocked (in a good way!) at the stunning appearance of this fabulous dessert that tastes as wonderful as it looks.


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