National Ice Cream Month? We'll Drink to That!

National Ice Cream Month? We'll Drink to That!

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National Ice Cream Month? We'll Drink to That!


July is National Ice Cream Month—and why wouldn’t it be? Can you think of a better month to chill out with a heaping bowl of the sweet and creamy dessert? I mean, sure, August would be fine, too, but who wants to wait another month?

So, to celebrate the occasion, we’re pulling out some of our favorite ice cream-related recipes, plus a few new ones—and this year we’ve got a couple of really cool ice-creamy beverages.

An amazing chocolate malted milkshake made with rich dark chocolate…

…and a wickedly wonderful coffee ice cream frappe made with chocolate-covered coffee beans and Kahlua liqueur.

Plus, we have a new recipe for decadent dark chocolate sauce

…an incredible tart key lime pie ice cream creation

…and a perfectly peachy ice cream dessert made with juicy fresh peaches.

Show Us Your Ice Cream Face! (an “Ice Cream Social Media” experiment)

We’d like to put your mug on our site, enjoying your favorite ice cream dessert. Could be a snapshot of you with a double-dip cone or an ice-cream concrete, or sipping a malt or shoveling in a hot fudge sundae.

Just visit our Food Channel Facebook page and upload your shot. We’ll take the best of the bunch and put them together in a musical montage along with some yummy beauty shots of our frozen favorites.

We’ll make you a star! At least in our little corner of cyberspace. It’s all in fun, and all in honor of National Ice Cream Month U.S.A.!

And to get you in the mood, here are more decadently delightful ice cream recipes.

Chocolate Shell Shock Ice Cream Sundae

Waffles & Ice Cream Dessert

Baileys Irish Cream Coffee Ice Cream

Goat Cheese Ice Cream

Blackberry-Sage Ice Cream

Grilled Glazed Peaches with Peach Thin Crisps

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream

Blueberry Secret Sauce Ice Cream Topping

Free chocolate!
The first ten facebook fans who send in an “ice cream face photo” will get a single origin 77% dark chocolate bar from cocoa beans grown in Davao, Phillipines. From Askinosie Chocolate. It’s incredible chocolate, so send in your pic today! Visit our Facebook page for more details.


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