New cookbook just for bite-sized desserts

New cookbook just for bite-sized desserts

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New cookbook just for bite-sized desserts


The best things come in small packages and no one knows this better than best selling cookbook author Carole Bloom.

Bite-size Desserts: creating mini sweet treats, from cupcakes and cobblers to custards and cookies is a cookbook created for home bakers who want small desserts with big flavors.

Scaled down to an irresistible one-bite size, the 87 recipes offer a large variety of desserts that are flavor-packed and topical, from fruity to tangy to nutty, rustic to elegant, and, of course, a healthy dose of dark chocolate. Thoroughly tested, all of the guiltless pleasures in Bite-size Desserts are easy and quick to prepare for bakers of all levels.

According to the 2009 National Restaurant Association’s ‘What’s Hot’ chef’s survey, bite-size desserts are the No. 2 food trend, narrowly behind locally grown produce. Miniature desserts and dessert tasting menus are popping up at restaurants all over the country.

Bite-size desserts are perfect for buffet-style entertaining, and the smaller sizes will allow guests to sample several desserts, instead of just one. With tips on serving mini desserts attractively, Bite-size Desserts helps bakers to create stylish dessert sampler plates to impress their guests.


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