New Drink Claims to Give You Energy...8 Hours Later

New Drink Claims to Give You Energy...8 Hours Later

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New Drink Claims to Give You Energy...8 Hours Later


By Cari Martens

There’s a new beverage on the market that caught our eye. It comes in a tiny 2.5 ounce bottle—but it’s not an energy drink—at least not in the traditional sense. Its purpose is to help you sleep, so you’ll wake up refreshed and full of energy for the next day.

It’s called reBloom Beauty Sleep Drink and it contains a blend of natural ingredients designed to provide a good night’s sleep. It contains no drugs, preservatives or sweeteners, and only 5 calories.

Ingredients include—

  • Valerian, the root of a flowering plant that has been used as a traditional sleeping remedy since ancient Roman times
  • L-Theanine, a key amino acid found in green tea
  • Melatonin, a naturally occurring compound in the human body that helps to regulate the sleep/wake cycle.
  • Plus, traditional calming herbs Chamomile and Lavender

The inventor of the product, Jonathon Bunt, originally created the drink in his kitchen for his wife, who often had trouble sleeping. ‘With the help of physicians and beverage scientists,’ Bunt says on the company website, ‘that early remedy evolved into reBloom.’ He named it reBloom, he says, in the hope that users of the product will look, feel and perform at their best, similar to the way a flower opens to receive the sun at daybreak.

The product can be ordered online in 7-packs for $27.95, with free shipping if ordered in more than one multi-pack.

So, in a way, it is an energy drink. You just get the energy eight or so hours later when you wake up (at least according to Mr. Bunt).

Or, as your grandmother, might say, you could try a glass of warm milk or a hot toddy.

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