New Transgenic Potato Has Pumped Up Protein

New Transgenic Potato Has Pumped Up Protein

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New Transgenic Potato Has Pumped Up Protein


Science keeps working to improve the potato. Not long ago, Hot & Cool brought you the story about how zapping potatoes with electricity increases the spuds’ antioxidants up to 60 percent.

Now researchers in India have developed a genetically modified potato that is loaded with up to 60 percent more protein and increased levels of amino acids.

The fortified spud uses the gene from the amaranth seed, another edible crop. In a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers expressed hope that the transgenic potato would find more acceptance because potatoes are so widely consumed. “Because potato constitutes an important part of the diet of many people in developed as well as developing countries, it is apparent that this can add value to potato-based products with enhanced benefits for better human health,” they wrote. Potatoes are a daily staple for than a billion people worldwide.

The research found that the modified potatoes contain between 35 and 60 percent more protein than unmodified potatoes, as well as increased levels of amino acids, including lysine, tyrosine and sulfur.

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