New Twitter Cookbook: Recipes in 140 Characters or Less

New Twitter Cookbook: Recipes in 140 Characters or Less

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New Twitter Cookbook: Recipes in 140 Characters or Less


As Shakespeare famously wrote, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Not sure that applies to all those tweets flying out there in today’s Twitter-infested world, but if you can offer a tasty recipe that can be communicated in fewer than 140 characters, well, that’s pretty nice—and poetically concise.

Amateur cook Maureen Evans became so adept at creating these shorthand tweeted recipes, that she’s compiled an entire cookbook full of them. It’s believed to be the first-ever totally Twitter cookbook, titled Eat Tweet.

The book contains more than 1,000 tweeted recipes from Ms. Evan’s @cookbook account, which as reported by Jessie Caciola on slashfood, she still updates with new culinary creations. Her recipe for “Eggs Berlin”: shallots, thyme, lemon, pumpernickel and poached eggs. Or should we say: “3c shallot/â…“c olvoil h@low; +6c zuke 20m@low to tender; +¼t thyme/lem&garlc/s+p. Top 4pce pumpernickel tst; +4poachedegg/basil.”

Obviously you need to be somewhat fluent in Twitterese (as Evans calls it) to translate many of these recipes. Evans posted 18 decoded recipes on her Huffington Post blog, including Julia Child’s famous Beef Bourguignon, as a kind of tutorial. Helpfully, the cookbook also contains a glossary of terms. Still, Evans says the book is intended for seasoned cooks—novices need not apply.

But as Caciola writes, if you know how to whisk brsug and buttr, this book might b 4 u.

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