People Are High On This New Workout Regimen

People Are High On This New Workout Regimen

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People Are High On This New Workout Regimen


By Cari Martens

Do booze and barbells mix? How does a stint on the Stairmaster with a vodka chaser sound?

We ask these questions after coming across two recent stories about the blending of alcohol—specifically vodka—with physical fitness.

The David Barton Gym locations in Chicago, Miami and New York have almost become more like watering holes, after they started hosting cocktail hours following intense boot camp training classes. That’s according to blogger Kayleen Schaefer, writing for The New York Times. She quotes Mr. Barton who says, ‘Sweat and alcohol are both great social lubricants.’

The gym hosted the events with sponsorship from Swedish vodka brand Sveda during the month of August, tying in with the liquor’s ‘RU Bot or Not?’ ad campaign that features a mega-voluptuous female robot. After the trainer-led workouts, customers could change out of their sweaty duds and imbibe with cocktails made with protein powder, clementine-flavored vodka, orange juice, sour mix and fresh mint. ‘Vodka seems like the right complement to the gym,’ Barton told Schaefer.

With this vodka, the protein is already in it

In San Francisco, a vodka brand called Devotion has been introduced by its makers as ‘the first-ever 80-proof, triple-distilled vodka infused with Casein’ (a protein product popular with fitness buffs). Devotion Vodka was created and developed by company president Drew Adelman, who says the concoction was inspired by his search to combine his two favorite passions: fitness and nightlife.

‘With Devotion I can stay devoted to my regimen, while stepping out for a good time,’ Adelman says. ‘I used to actually take my own protein out with me when I went for a night on the town. Then I realized there were millions of people like me who wanted to adhere to their lifestyle, and also have a good time.’ From that passion, Devotion was born.

We’d like to propose a toast to Messrs. Adelman and Barton: ‘Gentlemen, here’s to your health!’

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