Salad Lovers Seek Lunch, Love at Just Salad and Salad

Salad Lovers Seek Lunch, Love at Just Salad and Salad

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Salad Lovers Seek Lunch, Love at Just Salad and Salad


We’ve heard of some of the best places for meeting one’s potential soul mate: the laundromat, grocery store, and the old standbys: bars and nightclubs. The quick-serve restaurant isn’t mentioned so much.

Unless you’re talking about Just Salad, a five-unit chain in New York City. The chain had acquired such a reputation as a meet market, that New York Magazine ran a story about the place. Of course, that merely accelerated the notoriety and attracted more young singles to the quick-serve salad joint.

According to a story by Robin Van Tan on, the folks at Just Salad looked upon the romance rep with a measure of pride—and decided to up the ante. They decided to create a free online dating service for customers called Just Salad’s managing partner Nick Kenner told Van Tan: “So much of our brand is just about having fun, and this is just kind of another way for our customers to have fun when they’re not actually in our store.”

The SaladMatch site asks users what salad topping they like best, which Just Salad location they visit most and other lettuce-related questions. Depending on how they answer the questions, users are given their top five matches, or “salad soul mates.”

Since the site went live mid-summer, more than 1,000 people have created profiles on the site, and more than 200 meeting requests and messages have been sent. No word yet on any engagements, marriages or even first dates. But the program is still young.

One can only imagine the first few words exchanged. “Wow. You like roasted garlic croutons, too?!! That’s so freaky.”

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