Say "I Love You" to Your 'Typical Male' Valentine

Say "I Love You" to Your 'Typical Male' Valentine

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Say "I Love You" to Your 'Typical Male' Valentine


Remember that song from a few years back by Tina Turner, ‘Typical Male’? Some of the lyrics went, ‘I’m just usin’ my female attraction on a typical male…’ Well, the menu we’ve put together for this year’s Valentine’s Day has something the typical male loves: meat and potatoes.

But, of course, we’ve dressed things up a bit for the lovers’ holiday. We’re talking sizzling, manly Steakburgers, made with premium lean ground sirloin topped with peppered bacon, crumbly bleu cheese and caramelized onions…plus Heart-Shaped French Fried Potatoes.

But before you start the meat-and-potatoes going, you may want to set the mood with our Pomegranate Martini. It’s vibrantly, romantically red in color and very pleasing to the palate. To make it, you’ll use our recipe for Pomegranate Syrup, which can also be used as a luscious topping for ice cream—or pancakes for the morning after.

Chocolate, of course, has enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship to Valentine’s Day, and for dessert, we recommend trying our rich and decadent recipe for Ghiradelli Pots de Creme as the coups de grace.

When thoughts turn to chocolate…

Or maybe you’re all about the candy this time of year. If so, you might want to check out our feature on the Candy House. It’s one of our Raves & Faves places—and you can find many of their sweet creations at Sam’s Clubs.

BTW, if you’d rather send someone an Anti-Valentine, Candy House can take care of that for you, as well.

Or, if you’d rather take your sweetie out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, but you’re a little short on funds, you could always make reservations at White Castle. We’ve got that love story covered, too.

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