Thanksgiving 2010 Planning Timeline

Thanksgiving 2010 Planning Timeline

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Thanksgiving 2010 Planning Timeline


Are you hosting the big feast this year? Well, those days leading up to T-Day can be really frantic and almost overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be that way. A little careful planning and working ahead can take a huge load off your shoulders. The more you plan ahead, the fewer surprises you’ll have on the big day.

Our Thanksgiving Planning Timeline (link below) can help. Based around some of the recipe dishes from our American Gulf Coast Thanksgiving menu, it plots out a day-by-day game plan that will keep you from going bananas on Turkey Day. You’ll find links to all the recipes from that menu below in Related Recipes. (We realize you’re probably not going to make all 17 of these recipes, so just pick your favorites and set your plans.)

A couple of other hints for the holiday:

  • Don’t hesitate to delegate. Ask guests to bring a dish. Flatter them by requesting that they bring a dish they’re known for, or, if they’re a foodie, ask if they’d like to tackle a challenging but spectacular recipe, such as the Crab-Stuffed Artichokes recipe from our Gulf Coast menu. It’s best to give at least some direction, suggesting, for example, that they bring a dessert, vegetable side dish, or a salad.
  • Set the table the day before Thanksgiving, and use post-it notes to determine which serving dishes will be used for each item, and to make sure you have enough. You can always ask guests to bring a serving bowl, too.

Just click on the Timeline link below to access our downloadable 2010 Thanksgiving Timeline PDF. Print it out and start planning ahead for a more stress-free holiday dinner.


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