The Lasagna Sandwich: This Is a SNACK?

The Lasagna Sandwich: This Is a SNACK?

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The Lasagna Sandwich: This Is a SNACK?


By Cari Martens

Here’s a hearty snack idea for you: the lasagna sandwich.

Eager to liven up its range of sarnies (that’s British slang for ‘sandwich’), UK-based supermarket chain Tesco has put its best-selling ready meal between two slices of white bread.

Nicknamed the LASandwich, it sells for £2 (about $3). According to, the concoction ‘was inspired by students who reckon the mixture of cold lasagna and bread is the ultimate snack.’ Tesco’s Laura Fagan, who dreamed up the idea, agrees. ‘We think the lasagna sandwich could become the food of choice for anyone wanting a solid snack between meals,’ Fagan told reporter Daniel Jones.

Fagan says the idea came to her when thinking back on her student days, and how certain foods taste better the next day—things like lasagna and pizza. “Lasagna sandwiches were a favorite of mine back in student days and were really popular with all my mates at university,’ she says.

The sandwich consists of two thick slices of bread, a filling of diced beef in a tangy tomato and herb sauce layered with cooked pasta sheets and finished with a creamy cheddar, ricotta and mayonnaise dressing.

Hard to say whether this creation would be a hit in the States, but we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a similar item being consumed on America’s college campuses. Pizza sandwich, anyone?

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