Unable to Eat, Roger Ebert Pens Rice Cooker Cookbook

Unable to Eat, Roger Ebert Pens Rice Cooker Cookbook

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Unable to Eat, Roger Ebert Pens Rice Cooker Cookbook


By Cari Martens

When disease has left a person unable to eat, yet that person still loves to cook…well, that’s real culinary passion. That is indeed the situation with noted film critic Roger Ebert, and now he’s even written a new cookbook to help fulfill that passion.

Four years ago, cancer surgery left Ebert unable to speak or eat, but it failed to halt his love of cooking. He told Caryn Rousseau of The Associated Press that his inability to eat made cooking ‘an exercise more pure, freed of biological compulsion.’

Ebert’s cookbook is focused on rice cookers, the kitchen appliance he calls ‘The Pot.’ He says it’s an excellent choice for people short on cash, time and counter space.

The former co-host of the Siskel & Ebert movie review TV series and Pulitzer prize-winning film critic said he got the idea for the cookbook after he had written a blog about rice cookers that generated hundreds of comments from readers. Many sent him their favorite recipes, and the cookbook includes some of the comments and recipes for things such as risotto, chili and jambalaya.

Ebert has battled cancer in his thyroid and salivary gland for eight years. He now uses a feeding tube for nourishment. The cookbook, called The Pot and How to Use It: The Mystery and Romance of the Rice Cooker, hits bookstores on September 21st.

His cookbook and zest for life should serve as an inspiration for the rest of us, many of whom love to cook mainly because we love to eat.

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