U.S. Foodservice Goes Beyond the Plate® with 2010 Digital Initiatives

U.S. Foodservice Goes Beyond the Plate® with 2010 Digital Initiatives

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U.S. Foodservice Goes Beyond the Plate® with 2010 Digital Initiatives


U.S. Foodservice® delivers on its customer pledge to be “Your Partner Beyond the Plate®” in 2010, with social media initiatives designed to help restaurant operators learn to optimize and grow their business, leverage industry knowledge and passion for food, and connect with consumers to drive traffic and build their individual brands. Just days into the new year, U.S. Foodservice celebrates the debut of Foodsight™, an online resource for the foodservice professional. Beyond the Plate™, an interactive social media platform unveiled in late 2009 has been expanded. As an inaugural sponsor of The Food Channel’s new Raves & Faves program, U.S. Foodservice features a collection of interactive, searchable restaurant profiles found at iRaves.com.

Foodsight: ‘Insight for the foodservice professional’

More than a website, Foodsight is a virtual insight center filled with business solutions, product information, tips and new ideas to help restaurant operators build their businesses. Foodsight delivers within an ever-changing array of product categories, and the latest market insights, operator news and management tools. It also includes links to various resources for more in-depth information on specific suppliers, programs and partner associations.

‘Foodsight is based on our 150 years of experience in the industry and offers insightful, incisive and enticing information for the foodservice professional,’ said Mark Eggerding, Senior Vice President, Street Sales, U.S. Foodservice. ‘The Web site includes the most insightful research in the industry and incisive recommendations that will entice restaurant owners to pursue a higher level of success.’

Beyond the Plate: Serving Foodies Everywhere

Beyond the Plate, is an online, interactive resource where foodies and professionals can learn about and discuss new tastes, new products, marketplace trends and just plain enjoyment of food. At the Beyond the Plate Idea & Resource Center, foodservice operators and consumers can get the latest on current or emerging food trends, find recipes, tips and ideas to inspire everything from a new restaurant menu addition to how to pull off the perfect backyard barbecue. Site visitors can ‘Ask the Chef’ for answers to their most pressing food questions or participate in peer-to-peer exchanges to share best practices for their operation or at home. This quarter, both sites are focusing on takeout and disposables. Content is updated regularly to keep both sites fresh and relevant.

‘Whether you are a home cook, food enthusiast or own a restaurant or catering company, you will find tips that will help you become the most knowledgeable person out there when it comes to food,’ Eggerding says.

Raves & Faves: Sharing Your Favorite Food Places with the World

U.S. Foodservice saw a unique opportunity to connect the supply chain in its entirety—from distributor to operator to end user, the consumer. The company was the sponsor of the Raves & Faves program, a new industry resource giving restaurants a digital platform to interact directly with consumers. As the inaugural sponsor of the Raves & Faves program, U.S. Foodservice brought The Food Channel to Las Vegas and Los Angeles, where the team captured video, photography and interviews at some of the cities’ most interesting dining establishments.

Multimedia Raves & Faves features go live weekly at The Food Channel, where site visitors can ‘follow,’ review and engage with their favorite restaurants. The goal is to give consumers more in-depth information in a highly visual, interactive format, so they can make an informed restaurant choice. Consumers are also invited to register as site users and upload information on their favorite restaurants, providing reviews and photos, and recommending their favorite menu items to other iRaves site visitors.

U.S. Foodservice: Leadership Support

As one of the country’s premier foodservice distributors, they offer more than 43,000 national, private label and signature brand items and an array of services to its more than 250,000 customers. And these 3 examples of connecting with professionals, operators and the local restaurant consumer in the digital world, are just a few of the many ways U.S. Foodservice supports its customers.


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