Winners Announced in our Coffee Memories Contest

Winners Announced in our Coffee Memories Contest

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Winners Announced in our Coffee Memories Contest


Congratulations to our three winners in the “Coffee Memories” essay contest, a Food Channel exclusive add-on to the Folgers Home for the Holidays essay contest.

And the Folgers’ Coffee Lovers Gift Baskets go to…

Kristina Wilmoth, Springfield, Mo.

Debbie Saverino, Ridgecrest, Calif.

Sandy Johnson, Battlefield, Mo.

Here are their winning submissions:

From Kristina:

After tasting my first pumpkin spice latte from an over-priced coffee shop, I decided that I needed to see if I could find a way to make a home-made
version. One day, after dropping my kids off at school, I saw a neighbor sitting on her front porch enjoying the crisp, fall morning and I thought, “Why not *this* morning?” I hurried inside, googled a recipe, and dusted off my espresso machine.  I then began my first journey as a stay-at-home
Barista! The results were fantastic and I didn’t have to trust my own judgement, my neighbor loved the oversized mug (complete with whipped cream
and cinnamon sprinkles) full of Fall-yummy-goodness and we had a great excuse for catching up!

After the mugs were empty, my neighbor said she was holding the over-sized mug hostage until I made the next round of lattes! And so a tradition

When we moved from that neighborhood, my neighbor returned my mug and quietly joked, “You know, you didn’t have to move just to get your mug
back!” I plan on visiting her soon and I’m sure that a home-made latte will be part of our reunion! 


From Debbie:

Mine (moment) was making coffee for my in-laws. Now, they were very particular and I did not have their favorite brand of brewed coffee…so I put some Folgers in the coffee caraf, added the boiling water and poured. They loved it! Had no idea it was instant Folgers. Every time they came to visit or I them, they wanted me to make “my coffee.”


From Sandy:

For 19 years we had a special black Bombay cat named Jack. Every morning after pouring my coffee (love my Folgers Special Roast) I’d sit on my sunporch with Jack by my side, him and his easygoing personality, just hanging out while I sipped hot coffee and we watched the birds and squirrels together. One week, though, he disappeared! Every morning, I’d have my coffee, sitting alone on the sunporch just watching for him…calling for him…but no Jack. I was heartbroken. It had been five days, and I slept in that Saturday–we made our morning coffee, and I mosied on out to the sunporch and there at the sliding glass dooe staring at me with big eyes–Jack! He leaped through the doorway and was so excited to be home. We never knew what had happened, but that didn’t stop him from trying to tell us in his talkative way! It was quite a story, whatever he was saying. I was so happy that morning to have my special cat, my special coffee, and a little peace if mind.

Each of the three coffee story tellers will receive a Folgers Coffee Lovers Gift Basket filled with a variety of coffee goodies valued at more than $70, courtesy of Folgers Coffee.

Another chance to win

Speaking of contests, there’s still time to enter our Food Channel Spreading the Joy contest sponsored by Smucker’s new Orchard’s Finest preserves. Find details at our Food Channel facebook page.


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