12 Days of Foodie Gifts: Day 12

12 Days of Foodie Gifts: Day 12

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12 Days of Foodie Gifts: Day 12


On the 12th Day of Giving: Here’s today’s great gift idea to help you express your best wishes for the food lover in your life!

Combine some interesting grocery store items in a fun box, attach a simple recipe, and hand it over. We suggest a snowman shape to hold a small box of brie, a squat jar of jam, and a small bag of nuts, plus a recipe for baked brie. {LINK}

Or, if you want something that doesn’t have to be refrigerated, try one of these grocery store ideas:

  • Pair a box of pancake mix, a bottle of high end maple syrup, and a bag or two of fun mix ins (mini chocolate chips, cranraisins, nuts, etc.)
  • Have something local and lovely to share, like a local honey? Add a biscuit mix and you have something unusual—throw in a country ham and you have breakfast!
  • Auntie Anne’s pretzel mix and an invitation to make the pretzels together – complete with a bottle of brown mustard and some cheese dip. Before you know it, you have a party.

We have enjoyed putting together our 12 Days of Foodie Gifts for you, and perhaps you have been inspired to create something fun for the foodies in your life.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and let’s all look forward to more ideas for great food in 2012!

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