Apron Aficionado Wins Matching Flirty Apron Set

Apron Aficionado Wins Matching Flirty Apron Set

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Apron Aficionado Wins Matching Flirty Apron Set


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Beverly Sherwood of St. Paul, MN says, “I was shocked! I’m still amazed that I actually won. I can’t remember the last time I won anything let alone something I really love.” Sherwood was the lucky winner of our latest Food Channel Store/Facebook Fan Promotion that featured a matching mother-daughter set of aprons from Flirty Aprons.

Sherwood says she saw a link to the promotion on another website and just had to enter it because she loves aprons so much. “I really like the fact that these older apron styles are coming back,” Beverly says. “I have been looking for new patterns at boutiques and flea markets and would like to make some of my own unique aprons to pass on to family and friends.”

A North Dakota native, Beverly says she learned to cook and sew from her mother and grandmother in her home on the Great Plains. She still has the first apron she and her grandmother made together. “It’s a lavender and white checkered gingham apron. I was about eleven years old at the time, and that’s when I first learned how to cross-stitch. I also made a couple of aprons in my teens with my mother that I still have as well.”

While she admits that she doesn’t wear aprons as much as she used to, she still uses them when she dresses up around the holidays or when she’s cooking for her family. Beverly explains, “I spent 30 years working for a bank, and I volunteered to bake for our monthly birthday parties. I would ‘take orders’ from those celebrating and then would find a unique recipe to bake what they loved. Now I do the same for my family.”

Enjoy the aprons Beverly! We hope it helps you pass along that rich foodie heritage and love of vintage aprons to others, just as your mother and grandmother passed it on to you.


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