Bringing the Supermarket Into the Subway

Bringing the Supermarket Into the Subway

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Bringing the Supermarket Into the Subway


In some Seoul, South Korea, subway stations, rather than idly waiting around for the next train, you can now select food choices for that night’s dinner.

Giant UK-based supermarket chain Tesco has created virtual supermarkets in South Korean subway stations, enabling time-pressed workers to shop for groceries while they wait for the commuter train.

The Tesco Home plus virtual store displays merchandise exactly the same as in the chain’s brick-and-mortar stores. Making use of QR-code technology, customers can scan the desired product with their smartphone devices and watch as their selected items plop into their online shopping cart. The groceries are then delivered to their door when the customer gets home from work.

South Koreans are known as some of the hardest-working people in all the world, and they are said to view the weekly grocery shopping trip as a time-consuming chore they would rather do without. Tesco hopes to gain market share by relieving them of this task.

I have to wonder if this concept would work in New York City subways. Wouldn’t Walmart love to try it out.

Here’s a promotional video from Tesco Home plus showing how the program works.

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