Five Tips to Help Sweeten Profits This Valentine’s Day

Five Tips to Help Sweeten Profits This Valentine’s Day

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Five Tips to Help Sweeten Profits This Valentine’s Day


If you think the big holidays are over, think again. Valentine’s Day is coming up and that means time for love birds to spend big money on each other. To help you sweeten your profits this year, FoodChannelPro has put together some tips and ideas for boosting sales during the holiday.

Tip 1: Planning

It is not too late to plan for a Valentine special to draw couples into the restaurant. Most places offer two-for specials that include wine or cocktails to appeal to customers. By plating dishes already on the menu in a unique way, chefs can serve more meals to dining duos. Several Tuscon-area establishments are doing just that and their suggestions might inspire you. Special menus can offer romantic dining options, too. Include a prix fixe menu with appetizer, entrees and a dessert to appeal to couples. Throw in some wine or champagne for a truly Valentine-inspired meal.

Tip 2: Lend a Helping Hand

In an effort to draw in those guys who are not quite in the romantic relationship they would like to be in, TGI Friday’s is offering a helping hand. This restaurant is planning to serve margaritas at tables when the males are having trouble making a solid love connection. Novel, yet playful – perfect for a Valentine’s Day dinner.

Tip 3: Think Pink

The top-selling candy companies begin Valentine’s Day preparations about a year and a half before the holiday. They have been successful at selling their wares, especially chocolates, as gift-giving ideas for a long time. In fact, Valentine’s Day is one of their best-selling holidays for chocolate.

It seems some of the secret is in the wrapping. Most of the candy companies, such as Hershey’s and Ghirardelli, package their chocolates in pretty pink and red wrappers to appeal to those looking for sweet gifts. By adding some pink and red color to your plates and décor, you could appeal to some of those same Valentine’s Day spenders. By adding in something heart shaped, your even better.

Tip 4: Let Love Linger

Why only serve specials on Valentine’s Day, especially since it is on Monday this year? Many operators are cashing in on lovers’ appetites more than once. By offering specials over the weekend, as well as on the actual holiday, you could double the profit from this special time.

Tip 5: Serve Some Singles

While everyone else is catering to couples for Valentine’s Day, some are offering singles’ specials to draw in a different consumer crowd. Filling the evening with fun and food is a great way to bring out the stand-alone customers. There is a large consumer base that doesn’t buy into the couples’ scene, so selling them on a singles’ night should be a snap.

By using what a restaurant already has on its menu and serving the items for two, operators can sweeten their profits this Valentine’s Day. Sprinkle some color into the atmosphere or invite singles to dine to draw in those looking for a special evening. You will love the results.


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