Food Channel Contest Winner Shares the Prize

Food Channel Contest Winner Shares the Prize

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Food Channel Contest Winner Shares the Prize


Marine Corps Vietnam Vet Ed Schultz was more than happy to share his ham with fellow veterans, after winning it in the recent Facebook sweepstakes sponsored by The Food Channel.

Schultz won a spiral-sliced hickory smoked Easter ham and pound cake from Ozark Mountain Smokehouse. He and his friends in the Marine Corps League enjoyed delicious ham sandwiches Monday night at a get-together in Waukesha, Wis. Schultz’s sister-in-law chipped in with more cake and cupcakes to add more fun to the festivities.

Schultz recently joined the Waukesha County detachment of the Marine Corps League. The Marine Corps League is comprised of people who have been honorably discharged from the Marines Corps and Fleet Marine Corps, said Lynn Sabel, commandant of the Waukesha County detachment.

“It was time to do something,” Schultz told the Waukesha Patch, “…. Marine Corps League, they do stuff. I was thinking, ‘Well, OK, so I could give it to my overfed family or I could make some sandwiches and take it over there,” Schultz said. “It just seemed like a better idea to share it with these guys.”


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