Food Trend Watch: Extreme Cooking on YouTube

Food Trend Watch: Extreme Cooking on YouTube

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Food Trend Watch: Extreme Cooking on YouTube


You can find some pretty weird stuff on the Internet–and a lot of cooking shows. Okay, that’s news to no one, but…have you seen some of the bizarre cooking videos running these days on YouTube?

There’s the Vegan Black Metal Chef who’s seen doing tortuous things to tofu and rice noodles in a recipe for Pad Thai. As headbanging black metal blares in the background, the chef goes about his task all done up in black metal makeup and black rubber armor that’s reminiscent of the band Kiss.

While guitars thrash furiously, the chef (secret identity: Brian Manowitz) lists ingredients and preparation instructions in a scary, guttural voiceover as if he were uttering a list of murderous threats or demands against all that is holy. Helpfully, English subtitles stream across the lower third of the screen for those who might have trouble understanding the chef’s words, which are occasionally x-rated, by the way.

Of course there’s something quite humorous about the juxtaposition of heavy metal music, Goth makeup and…vegan cooking. It’s veganism meets Satanism as you watch the dark culinary master slice through tofu using an elaborate Edgar Allan Poe-style blade.

Epic Meal Time is another example of the new Extreme Cooking video food trend pointed out by Monica Hesse in her story for the Washington Post. In this series, a trio of twentysomething homeboys whip up stuff that, well, let’s just say Michelle Obama would not put on her list of MyPlate recommendations.

In one episode, host Harley Morenstein and the crew whips up all sorts of bacon, potato and cheese creations—these guys LOVE bacon. Bacon Crab Rangoon, Bacon Tacos, Steak n Bacon Burritos, Bacon Philly Cheese Cake, Bacon Tarts…it’s a cavalcade of fat, calories and artery-clogging indulgence. Fat grams and calories are all listed proudly on-screen for each recipe and a Fat Counter tallies it all up as they show the finished recipes one by one at the conclusion of the episode.

The booze flows freely in the fellas’ kitchen as well. This show is a celebration of food and drink, nutrition and moderation be damned. In fact, the boys clearly revel in their rebellion against the idea of making smart food choices.

I wonder if their mothers are watching.

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Here’s the homage to bacon episode from the Epic Meal Time guys.


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