Here’s Looking at You…On a Cookie

Here’s Looking at You…On a Cookie

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Here’s Looking at You…On a Cookie


Did you ever want to see what you’d look like as an item of food? Well, now’s your chance. The maker of Parker’s Crazy Cookies is now available bake up a batch of cookies in your spitting image.

These “You Cookies” are basic sugar cookies without frosting or sprinkles, described as a larger version of an animal cracker. But it’s said that the bakery does a really good job of creating cookies that “capture your very essence”—that’s according to the website where we first heard about this.

To order the cookies all you need is a photo and an email account. The owner, Dave Parker, will then create a doughy caricature of yourself, including things like facial hair, hat, or nose ring you might be wearing. The cost is around 80 cents per cookie in bulk, plus a $20 design fee. The minimum order is 150 cookies.

You can also order them divided into bags of 6 cookies per bag, each with a customized label, minimum order 25 bags priced at $4.99 per bag for smaller cookies, and $5.99 for larger cookies. The cookies will arrive in two to three weeks.

Sounds like a good way to kick off a political campaign, or add extra fun to a birthday or retirement party.

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