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Home Sweet Home from Afar

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Home Sweet Home from Afar


Imagine having your favorite home cooked meal arrive on your doorstep.  Not only that, but it was actually cooked by your Mom who lives 500 miles away.  Sounds pretty good to me, and my mom is only 10 miles away!

Stacy Meichtry contributor to WSJ.com, found that catering to one’s own grown children living far from home has become a thriving business–or at least a cottage industry. Thousands of mothers in Italy are relying on a truck driver named Dominic Martino who has actually made a career of delivering home cooked meals to hungry home-sick adult children. Be it homemade ravioli or homegrown vegetables, days of preparation and packaging show love and dedication–delivered.

Ten years ago Martino began connecting Italian mamas with their far-flung offspring. For generations that innate maternal love has been manifested by cooking huge family meals on Sundays. Now Martino departs on Saturdays with these “Sunday” dinners from home and has them delivered on Sunday morning, making everyone feel warm and fuzzy.

The mamas can be demanding, too, asking for special requests and for information about their kids’ well being–and to make sure deliveries make it before lunch.

While Martino only serves Rome, a wave of other trucks depart each week from Calabria to cities across the rest of Italy.

Since jobs are scarce for young Italians, many are forced to big cities to work, leaving their moms behind. More proof that Martino’s endeavor will continue to be successful as long as moms have kids out of the nest.

In our behavioral insights tool Culturewaves®, we identify Pacifiers™ as things that soothe and comfort–“Make my world go away.”™ The main reason this has taken off is because Italian moms are stereotypically nurturing and hovering, and I don’t mean in a bad way, just a very maternal way.  What better way to spoil your children than to feed them as if they were still home in the kitchen every Sunday. 

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