A Sipping Hot Chocolate for Grownups

A Sipping Hot Chocolate for Grownups

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A Sipping Hot Chocolate for Grownups


Across nearly every state in the Union, this has been a frigid and brutal, snowy winter—with spring still several weeks away. Wouldn’t a soothing cup of hot chocolate go down nice right about now?

Well, we have a special “sipping hot chocolate” recipe we think you will love—and, with Valentine’s Day just ahead, the timing for our Sweetheart Sipping Hot Chocolate couldn’t be better. This is a beverage-built-for-two recipe that’s ultra simple, yet quite sophisticated. You need only four ingredients—three if you choose not to pair it with the brandy or Kahlua chaser.

It’s a bit like an espresso, thicker and smoother than a typical hot chocolate, and best served in a small espresso-style cup. We recommend you enjoy it as a “deconstructed” beverage experience, sipped alternately with a shot of brandy, Kahlua or other complementary liqueur.  Or, you can combine the liqueur with the hot chocolate and enjoy as one mixed beverage.

Don’t skimp on the ingredients—this is no instant powder and hot water concoction. You should use the finest quality chocolate (we recommend Ghiradelli), heavy cream and whole milk. You’ll wind up with a rich, dark and decadent chocolate-lovers delight that should be savored slowly—ideally in the company of someone you love.

Sweetheart Sipping Hot Chocolate…an adult hot chocolate that will warm the heart of your Valentine on even the coldest of days.

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