How Long Can I Store Chicken Broth?

How Long Can I Store Chicken Broth?

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How Long Can I Store Chicken Broth?


Question: About two weeks ago I cooked a chicken for broth and meat to make noodle soup. After cooking I removed all the meat and bones, then strained the broth into a large pot with a lid and placed in a second refrigerator to harden the fat. Today (11 days later), I remembered it was there and wish to now use. My question is: Is it still useable? I thought I’d prepare soup for Saturday “supper.”

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Answer: Robert, much as we’d love to help you have a great soup for your supper, we have to advise against using this broth. Our chefs say for safe food handling, soup broth should only be held refrigerated for up to three to four days. Maybe it’s a chance to go out to eat!  
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