Innovative and Economic New Way to Update Your Kitchen

Innovative and Economic New Way to Update Your Kitchen

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Innovative and Economic New Way to Update Your Kitchen


After years of putting up with a malfunctioning electric stove that was missing the oven door handle, with burners that worked only intermittently, you finally broke down and bought a new smooth-top stove.

You went to the big box store and discovered they no longer carry appliances in a color to match your almond refrigerator. So you opted for the stainless steel look that everyone’s buying these days. What the heck, at least it goes with your dishwasher.

Does that sound like you? Well, no, probably not. That’s me, actually. But you get the idea. Unless you’re ready to make a major investment by replacing all your kitchen appliances at once, there’s a good chance your fridge might not match your stove, which might not match your dishwasher, and vice versa, etc., etc.

We recently discovered there is a more economical solution to the dilemma of mismatched appliances: Appliance Art.

That’s the name of a company that makes, yes, art for appliances. That is, art that goes over your kitchen appliances to change their color from, say, Almond or (heaven forbid) Avocado Green to stylish stainless steel or gleaming black. Or if you wish, you can choose painted pastoral scenes of sheep grazing in the meadow, an Americana still life in red, white and blue, or several other oil painting selections.

Appliance Art makes covers that simply adhere magnetically (or with adhesive strips) to your dishwasher or refrigerator to give them an instant makeover. The covers are sold separately or in a matching dishwasher/refrigerator combinations.

You can even change the look of your kitchen with the change of seasons by sticking on one of the company’s patriotic designs for the summer’s Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day weekends, and then perhaps a holiday scene for when December rolls around.

Many of the oil-on-canvas designs are from prints of original works by American artist Marti Idlet. Taking nothing away from your 5-year-old’s finger paintings taped up to your refrigerator, these are quite handsome works of art that can breathe new life into your kitchen décor—or help to express your personality and sense of design.

Or provide a simple way to bid goodbye to the Harvest Gold look of your perfectly functional dishwasher.

Appliance Art is one of the newest vendors in The Food Channel Store, and we’re excited to have such an innovative new line of products available for visitors to our site.


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