No Small Potatoes: The Spud Raincoat

No Small Potatoes: The Spud Raincoat

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No Small Potatoes: The Spud Raincoat


A Spanish company has introduced a biodegradable, compostable raincoat that’s made from potatoes and loaded with seeds for planting.

Equilicuá’s Spud Raincoat is a poncho style plastic garment made from potato starch that can be reused numerous times, according to the manufacturer. What’s really cool is, once you’re through wearing it, you can plant it in the ground and get something to grow. It’s loaded up with the seeds of various Mediterranean plants and shrubs.

Currently Equilicuá only distributes the product in the European Union and Mediterranean countries where the seeds are native. The company is working on new spud rain ponchos with seeds native to other parts of the world.

We found out about this amazing new product on the website You can learn more about the spud raincoat at the manufacturer’s website (if you can read Spanish).

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