An Original Christmas Cookie Story Book

An Original Christmas Cookie Story Book

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An Original Christmas Cookie Story Book


The Night Before Christmas Cook Book

The holidays mean presents, right? So we decided it was time we at The Food Channel gave our loyal site users a Christmas gift.

We thought about the things that we all love to give as gifts, and it kept coming back to food! There is nothing better than food with a great story, told with amazing photography, with the chance to try out a new recipe or two in the process.

So, we gathered the talents of our staff and put it all together in an original Christmas storybook, called The Night Before Christmas Cookie. We’re offering it free to you — just download it and read it just as you would any online book. Plus, if you’d like to have it read to you or to your children, we will have a narrated version on video (watch for it later today). Just click the links for the version you’d like, or try them all.

We found joy in putting this together, and hope you find joy in reading it and, perhaps, making a cookie or two in the process. It’s our gift to you . . . Merry Christmas!

To get the PDF full page version, click on “download” to the left. To read and turn the virtual pages, use the version below and just click on the arrow (to the right and in the middle) to turn the pages.



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