Oysters: Still Available. Still Delicious.

Oysters: Still Available. Still Delicious.

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Oysters: Still Available. Still Delicious.


There’s been a lot of talk during the past year about oysters. The oil spill in the Gulf has some seafood lovers worried that oysters may not be available now. Not true. In fact, oysters are being served up and down Bourbon Street in New Orleans and in restaurants all over the U.S. They just may not be oysters from certain areas of the Gulf Coast, where oysters were killed by fresh waters poured into the coastal estuaries to keep the oil offshore. Oysters prefer a briny mixture of saltwater and fresh water, and the extra influx of fresh water did them in—for now.

While oysters from parts of the Gulf region will be in short supply for the next two to three years, oysters from other regions of the U.S. remain plentiful.

It’s grilling season—why not grill up some oysters?

So if you’re an oyster fan, don’t despair—and don’t let anything keep you from trying this recipe for Grilled Oysters with Spicy Lemon Garlic Butter.

The secret to the flavor ecstasy found in this New Orleans-inspired recipe is the spicy garlic butter made with Plugrá® European-Style Butter. This recipe calls for Plugra’s unsalted butter, which lets you control the amount of salt in your recipe, just like a professional chef.

A European-Style Butter like Plugrá elevates a recipe, because it’s a richer and more flavorful butter. That’s why it’s the choice of so many restaurant chefs and professional pastry chefs

The buttery seasoned Japanese bread crumb coating is another key to delivering the big flavor of this dish, added just as the oysters start bubbling around the edges. The aroma will be enticing; the anticipation will be heightened as you take them off the grill—and prepare for an amazing taste experience.

Editorial post paid for in part by Plugrá® Butter.


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