A Pioneering Anti-Cancer Cooking School

A Pioneering Anti-Cancer Cooking School

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A Pioneering Anti-Cancer Cooking School


Whether you believe it or choose not to believe it, there are a lot of reasons to switch up a junky diet for a Mediterranean style diet. 

Nutritionist and cookbook author Conner Middelmann-Whitney has developed a cooking school in France and published a book, Zest for Life, that claim that the restorative properties of good, honest cooking can in turn act as a preventive weapon in our war on cancer.  Basically, eating what your grandmother ate.  The key being a diet of simplistic, fresh, and not mass-produced foods. 

According to Telegraph.com, everything Conner cooks at home and in her pioneering anti-cancer cookery course is selected for its freshness and nutrient density. Things some of us take for granted, such as cows’ milk, bread and potatoes are replaced by foods that provide a slower release of glucose into the bloodstream.

It doesn’t take much research on the Internet to discover that the Mediterranean style of eating is highly beneficial, and once you get hooked it is quite enjoyable as well!  And even if it is not a proven science for cancer prevention, it really can’t hurt to try it.  The ingredients are pretty mainstream, and like we here at Culturewaves® like to put it, it has Body Warranty–a heightened functionality. It’s the feeling of “I want more out of my body than ever before.”™

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