Sisters Team Up to Offer Teas That Comfort

Sisters Team Up to Offer Teas That Comfort

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Sisters Team Up to Offer Teas That Comfort


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There is a story behind this tea product that may tug at the heartstrings a bit. But settle down with a nice cup of “Have Hope” and it’ll be OK.

Teamotions is tapping into a food trend around emotional eating and making it a positive. Do you eat when you are stressed? Try a cup of “Seek Peace” instead. Worn out from your schedule of duties at work and home? Perhaps “Find Strength” will be, well, just your cup of tea.

The teas offer a full range of emotional support, and our Food Channel taste panel scored them high on flavor as well as living up to their brand promise. One panelist, after tasting “Achieve Clarity”, said, “I don’t think it’s the power of suggestion—I really do feel like my brain is a little clearer.”

The teas came out of the personal experience and combined efforts of two sisters, Rachel Crawford and Crystal Tenpenny, who took the loss of Rachel’s newborn twins and turned it into a way to help with healing.

Rachel explains, “I had a personal loss, and I was working hard to not get on anti-depressants. One day, Crystal said she wished there was something she could put in my tea to make it all better. That was the light bulb moment.”

From there, they did their research, consulting with herbologists and homeopathic practitioners to find the blends that would best address the emotions they wanted to target. “We identified a family of herbs called adoptagens,” says Rachel, “and we used the whole herb. That made it more mild and more effective, providing elements you can’t extract.”

There are six teas in the line, each with a story. “Enjoy Rest,” for example, is an Apple Cinnamon Chamomile tea that tells you to “Relax and unwind with calming chamomile and comforting ashwagandha blended with green and red rooibos, warm cinnamon, and tasty apple.” It’s caffeine free, and comes with the admonition to, as you sip, “…put your feet up or get cozy with a blanket and a good book.”

Rachel adds, “Our goal was to create a tea that is effective, and not even realize you are drinking something medicinal.” The teas have been developed around everyday happenings, not just times of grieving. “We decided what emotions we wanted to cover,” she says, “and decided the flavor profile that best fit them.” They combined some of the properties of aroma therapy as well, creating teas that offer an emotional lift right from the start.

“People are becoming very aware of their need for self-care,” Rachel says, “and they are tired of medicating themselves to death. We consider ourselves an emotional well-being product. Tea is just our first step.”


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