Trend Watch: Daze of Wine & Donuts Coming to TV?

Trend Watch: Daze of Wine & Donuts Coming to TV?

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Trend Watch: Daze of Wine & Donuts Coming to TV?


How about a grape jelly donut to go with that glass of Cabernet?

Sound crazy? Well, it’s about as crazy as a shop called Psycho Donuts in San Jose, Calif., where you can find such donut delicacies as “Cereal Killer” and “Massive Head Trauma. It’s a nutty joint with the ambiance of a “light-hearted insane asylum” featuring staffers in lab coats and nurses’ uniforms, as well as a padded booth, straightjacket, and group therapy area.

Now Psycho Donuts has been paired with Poetic Cellars, a nearby winery in Soquel, Calif., where a reality TV show pilot is being filmed.

It might be coming soon on a foodie TV channel near you.

“There’s a lot of cupcake and cake reality shows, but we haven’t seen a doughnut show,” Nicole Block of Highlighting Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based production company, told Shanna McCord of the Santa Cruz Sentinel. “We’re shooting a sample episode to present to TLC, the Food Network and the Cooking Channel — all national cable networks,” Block said.

Psycho Donuts actually came under fire from some mental health advocates when it first opened in 2009. A national TV series would undoubtedly bring additional notoriety.

Poetic Cellars was tabbed to participate because the winery has quirks of its own. Each bottle of wine has a poem printed on the label, which was penned by Joseph Naegele, co-owner of Poetic Cellars.

This sounds like one reality food series I’d definitely watch—donut and wine glass in hand.

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