Trendwatch: Ex-Cowboys Cheerleader Unveils Line of Sexy Waitress Uniforms

Trendwatch: Ex-Cowboys Cheerleader Unveils Line of Sexy Waitress Uniforms

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Trendwatch: Ex-Cowboys Cheerleader Unveils Line of Sexy Waitress Uniforms


Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and uniform designer, Terra Watson, who also designs uniforms for NFL and NBA cheerleading teams, has launched, an online store for sexy and functional server uniforms.

“I created this line with the waitresses and the customers in mind”, says Watson.  “Breastaurants are big business.  After years of creating uniforms, I know what makes the girls feel sexy and comfortable, and also what the customers like to see.  Our uniforms cover what needs to be covered, but shows off the waitresses’ assets.”

(When did “breastaurants” become an official foodservice category? Did we miss something?)

Anyway…at, the restaurant owner can order mix and match uniforms, with low minimums to create a custom look.  Watson says this gives any bar or restaurant the ability to make a statement with their staff and become an instant Breastaurant. 

“Our Twin Peaks girls would not be the same if they just wore a T-shirt”, says Randy Dewitt, CEO of Twin Peaks Restaurants, which has grown to 11 locations in only 5 years.  “The ‘sexy lumberjack’ look created by Breastaurant Uniforms gave us the look to base our entire concept on and essentially created our brand”. website launched this week and is exhibiting at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago. In a surprise move, the company will feature a sexy model showing the entire new line at its NRA booth. The theme of its booth is “The Breast in the Business!”

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