Welcome to Closed on Mondays

Welcome to Closed on Mondays

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Welcome to Closed on Mondays



Uh, can I just say “brilliant” idea!  The concept of utilizing restaurant kitchens in their off time to benefit the community is a win-win for all! Enter Closed on Mondays, the brainchild of three entrepreneurial women. Savita Ostendorf, Aliza Miner, and Marjory Garrison realized they could do more by combining their skills and cooking for causes. These women are commandeering a Los Angeles restaurant that is normally closed on Mondays in order to hold fundraising dinners for the community. 

As reported by Alissa Walker, contributor at Good.is, Miner is the brunch chef at Canelé. Ostendorf is a graphic designer and Garrison works on PR campaigns for national nonprofits like Save Darfur. The three friends were like a functioning restaurant without a home. So they approached the owner of Canelé with the idea to use the restaurant space when it was closed to the public, and she enthusiastically agreed. Everybody benefits, the restaurant’s waitstaff gets an extra shift, any leftovers can be used by the restaurant after the dinner, and money’s can be raised for well-deserving groups and non-profit organizations. 

So, could this become an actual movement across the country?  I say, why not!?  Imagine the amount of money that could be raised in any community, small or large.  We all need to eat, and if that means we’re also Giving Back™, that’s great, because “When we’re giving, our lives have more meaning”™–as defined by our behavioral insights tool, CultureWaves.®  It’s just one more proof positive that eating well can be good for the soul. 

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