What's On the Menu at the Ballpark in 2011?

What's On the Menu at the Ballpark in 2011?

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What's On the Menu at the Ballpark in 2011?


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Spring training is now well underway in Florida and Arizona for all the big league baseball teams, and in about a month they’ll be playing for real in Major League and Minor League ballparks all over the USA.

Soon we’ll be hearing the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd and the sound of the hot dog vendor barking out his sales pitch.

But these days, ballparks offer a menu of choices way more adventurous than the traditional lineup of hot dogs, peanuts and Cracker Jack. You just never know what kind of culinary creations you might find at the concession stand today…and they’re always adding something new.

The West Michigan Whitecaps, an affiliate of the Detroit Tigers, even let fans vote this spring for the newest addition to this season’s bill of fare. Here were the choices:

  1. Bologna Lollipop – five-inches in diameter and an inch thick
  2. Chicks with Sticks – fresh vegetables, sliced into thin strips, served with hummus or ranch dressing
  3. Duck, Hog, Frog Dog – a hot dog topped with frog legs and duck meat
  4. Honey Bun Burger – a dinner/dessert combo that’s basically a burger on a honey bun with crisp bacon thrown in for good measure
  5. Mac ‘n Cheese Burger Burrito – yes, exactly what it sounds like
  6. Meat Man Parfait – Beef and mashed potato layered in a clear parfait cup, topped with BBQ sauce
  7. Meat Salad – Beef brisket, hot dogs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, gyro meat, Johnsonville bratwurst and hamburger—7 meats in all—tossed together in a lovely, meaty salad.
  8. Sonoran Dog – a bacon-wrapped hot dog covered with guacamole, mayo, onions, tomatoes, hot sauce and mustard
  9. The Big O – 3,670 calories worth of pulled pork, beef, and boneless chicken wings, plus two layers of Provolone cheese on a hoagie roll, smothered in jalapenos, potato wedges and barbeque sauce, capped off with an onion ring. OMG.
  10. Walking Spaghetti – a 16-inch loaf of Cole’s garlic bread covered with a pound of spaghetti, meatballs, a quart of marinara and a pound of cheese

Out of all those monsterously meaty choices, can you guess who captured the vote? Yep, the Chicks with Sticks veggie delight was the top vote getter. I’d say lots of “chicks” must have voted in this election. Or perhaps the carnivores’ votes cancelled each other out, although coming in a fairly close second was the Meat Salad.

Play ball!

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