Would You Buy Wine or Sushi at Walgreens?

Would You Buy Wine or Sushi at Walgreens?

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Would You Buy Wine or Sushi at Walgreens?


As I strolled through Walgreen’s the other day to pick up some photos—or maybe it was cough drops–anyway, I was startled to find a rather extensive selection of wines for sale there.

We’re not talking Boone’s Farm or other low-end brands, either. On display were nice choices from Napa Valley, Sonoma, and even some European wines. Yes, there were some bottles priced as low as $2.99, but there were others in the $12 to $15 range.

I don’t know, I just didn’t think of Walgreens as a place where I could find a perfectly acceptable bottle of California Cabernet.

In fact, the Deerfield, Ill.-based drug chain now has its own brand, Colby Red, a new table wine blend produced in partnership with Treasury Wine Estates, Australia. The brand is dedicated to raising awareness for heart disease as the Groom Family supports the American Heart Association and partners with the St. Jude Medical Foundation to identify other cardiac research organizations and families in need. Some worthwhile cause marketing there.

Then we found out that many Walgreens stores are now selling fresh foods. Things like fresh fruits and vegetables, sandwiches, and ready-to-heat meatloaf. And there will be more to come, according to  Walgreens spokesman Robert Elfinger. Meats, wraps, soups and other on-the-go meal options are coming to San Francisco area Walgreens this summer as part of a pilot program.

Another pilot program launched recently in Chicago focused on “food desserts” in neighborhoods underserved by grocery stores.

Then we learned you can get sushi at Walgreens stores in New York and other big cities. Whoa. Now that’s going a bit too far.

Isn’t it?

I mean Walgreens is a great place to buy greeting cards, fish oil pills, and acne cream—but fresh sushi? Maybe they’re trying to become more like Walmart and Target. You can find just about anything at those massive discount retailers.

We’ll have to see whether this food trend spreads to other drug chains. Could be interesting.

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