‘Bizarre Foods’ Host to Roll Out Food Truck

‘Bizarre Foods’ Host to Roll Out Food Truck

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‘Bizarre Foods’ Host to Roll Out Food Truck


Andrew Zimmern, TV host of the popular Bizarre Foods show on the Travel Channel, is getting ready to climb aboard the food truck trend with his own well-stocked vehicle.

Zimmern’s truck, dubbed the AZ Canteen, will make its debut at the Minnesota State Fair on August 25th, Mpls.St.Paul magazine Senior Editor Stephanie March reported in a blog post.

Zimmern plans to “expand the protein choices of Americans with the overarching goal of restoring health and wellness to our food system one plate at a time,” March reported.

Bizarre Foods, if you haven’t seen the show, and as the title implies, showcases Mr. Zimmern’s willingness to eat a wide array of exotic foods. Indications are the offerings on the AZ Canteen will go beyond what is typically offered on middle-of-the-road food trucks, but not go too far afield.

Reports say he’s teamed up with renowned New York butcher Pat LaFrieda to create a delicious goat burger and goat sausage. Other items of note on the menu include crispy pork belly and veal tongue sliders.

After the appearance at the State Fair, the AZ Canteen will pull up at some other Twin Cities events, “but don’t be surprised” if Zimmern winds up adding more trucks in other cities and even other countries, March says.

The food truck already has its own Twitter page announcing upcoming appearances as well as a “now hiring” recruitment tweet.

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