Burger King Testing Bacon Sundae

Burger King Testing Bacon Sundae

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Burger King Testing Bacon Sundae


Update! This sundae has now been rolled out nationwide as part of Burger King’s new summer menu for 2012. Check out this review of the bacon sundae, and try it yourself!


There has been an abundance of media coverage for Burger King’s $750 million makeover, the biggest menu upheaval in the burger chain’s 58-year history. New items on the bill of fare have included revamped salads, smoothies, and snack wraps for the health-conscious types.

Now comes word that the nation’s number three burger chains is testing a bacon sundae.

Man…just when you thought bacon mania had lost its sizzle.

The bacon-and-ice cream creation was spotted in Nashville, according to GrubGrade.com. Other items in test at that BK location include sweet potato fries, a pulled-pork sandwich, and frozen lemonade.

But the bacon sundae really gets your attention. The dessert consists of vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and caramel sauce—finally, it’s garnished with an actual slice of bacon. The sweet-and-salty treat, available at a handful of BK Nashville locations, is priced at $2.49.

Burger King is not the first major chain to dabble in bacon as a dessert ingredient. Denny’s introduced a bacon maple sundae last year, and Jack in the Box recently came out with a bacon-flavored milkshake.

Some say the idea of bacon as a sweet treat originated in the UK. Britain’s Fat Duck restaurant is credited with launching the original bacon-as-dessert concept back in 2004, when it rolled out a bacon-and-egg ice cream.

Here we are eight years later and the crazy bacon craze still hasn’t died down. How long can this go on? Only time—and pork belly supply—will tell.

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