Crispy Canteloupe Gets High Marks

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Crispy Canteloupe Gets High Marks

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Crispy Canteloupe Gets High Marks


We were surprised when a taste test group latched on eagerly to this product. After all, there was a tray of fresh fruit placed on the same table. But every single woman gravitated to the packages of Crispy Cantaloupe from Crispy Green

For one thing, it’s unusual to find cantaloupe in any form other than fresh.

For another, many of these women indicated they were continually looking for ways to get fruit into their diet with a higher level of convenience.

And, finally, they were thrilled to find something on the snack table that was lower in calorie.

And all that was before they even tasted it.

The first one ripped into the package as we watched. She tasted. Nodded approvingly. And didn’t share her bag.

These 40-calorie snacks contain approximately one serving of fruit per bag. They are easy to throw into a lunch bag or carry to the park. And, they are made from real fruit, with no sugar, sweeteners or other additives or preservatives.

If you aren’t a cantaloupe fan, try banana, apple, mango, pineapple or pear. Tip: get enough so you don’t have to share your bag.


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